Pro-Star Rentals was founded by Steve Grant, a passionate real estate expert who believes that what the modern day version of the industry is really lacking is a personal touch. Steve believes that the real estate industry isn’t about property at all – it’s about people, plain and simple. Whether he’s working with a new property owner, a seasoned veteran or a tenant who just wants to find the best place to live, Steve believes in a personalized level of customer service and an attention-to-detail that shatters the myth of the “one size fits all” approach for all time.

Steve has worked hard to surround himself with only the most experienced and passionate industry veterans, updating the “old fashioned way” of servicing customers for a 21st-century landscape. Above all else, Pro-Star Rentals strives to be the best in the industry – and that is one goal they won’t stop trying hard to accomplish each and every day.
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